Supplier Compliance

ESM use only approved contractors who hold the correct licences and insurance

When ESM sends a contractor to site - you can rest assured that they have passed security & licensing checks and they hold all the relevant insurances, should anything not go to plan.

ESM have an in-house supplier compliance team who check and vet all the contractors. The information is continuously updated to ensure all contractors meet and exceed our clients needs.

Example Story:

In a small complex, a previously self-managed strata company had sourced a painter to repaint the external surfaces of all the units. The works had been paid for via the raising of a special levy.

Within a year, the complex had professional management. At handover of the files, the owners stated that they were unhappy with the paint job, as the paint was now peeling in many areas. This job was unusual as there were many separate invoices - all below $1,000. This strategy enabled him to take on large jobs (that he was unlicensed for) but pretend they were smaller individual jobs which enabled him to exploit a weakness in the law.

We looked at the invoices and determined that there were no PL (painters licence) numbers given, or details of the products used or the preparation work he did. A phone call to the contractor made it clear that he was unwilling to return to rectify the matter. As he was not registered, there was very little that could be done to hold him accountable.

Had the contractor been properly licensed, the Building Commission may have required him to meet a certain standard, and return to the site to carry out the required remedial work.

This case highlights the importance of using licensed, reputable trades people who will be there for you should something go wrong.