What are Units of Entitlement (UOE)?

What is meant by UE? How is this determined and how does it affect my levy contributions?


Each lot is allocated units of entitlement which determine an owner’s portion of ownership of common property, their voting rights, and the proportion of levied contributions that are payable in accordance with the levies raised at general meetings.

The initial allocation of unit entitlement is determined by the surveyor at the time the draft strata plan is prepared.

Allocated units of entitlement can be varied only by a resolution without dissent at a General Meeting.

Excerpt from the Act

STA 1985 Section 14 Unit entitlement of lots

Example Story

Lucy lives in an 11 unit complex. Her strata complex is quite old and she notices on the strata plan that each lot owner has the same Unit Entitlement (UE) of 1.

The total unit entitlement adds up to 11, therefore each owner pays an identical levy amount of 1/11th of the running costs of the strata company per annum.