What is a Management Statement?

Find out why some strata companies have a Management Statement to list their by-laws


You could find the entire set of by-laws that apply to the scheme are already in one document. The default by-laws in the Act are replaced because they have their own unique set. Before the strata reforms, these were called Management Statements.

 These are a set of by-laws lodged at the time the strata plan is originally lodged at Landgate, usually by the developer (Form 25). The by-laws within the Management Statement may have added, amended or repealed any default Schedule 1 or 2 by-laws.

 The STAA replaced that process by introducing the lodgement of consolidated scheme by-laws, now known as Scheme Documents.

 If a Strata Scheme has a Management Statement, this is usually indicated on the front page of the strata plan.

Excerpt from the Act

Refer to Strata Titles Act 1985 Schedule 2A

SCHEDULE 2A -- Matters that may be provided for in management statement