Standard By-laws

The new standard By-Laws as per the Amended Strata Titles Act 2018


The Amendment to the 1985 Strata Titles Act in 2018 has brought about a great deal of change within the Strata Industry. One of the key changes that occurred is the update to the Standard By-Laws that apply to all Strata Companies.
These By-Laws are split into two key categories Governance and Conduct.

Please note: Some Strata companies have specific bylaws for their complexes.
These overrule the standard By-Laws outlined in the Strata Titles Act.

You can contact your Strata Manager for more information on your complexes specific By-Laws or order them using our online form by clicking here.

More Information

For more information on the Standard Amended By-Laws please see the attached PDF.

 Amended Standard by-laws.pdf