What is a by-law?

What is a by-law and why do we have to comply?

  • By-laws are a set of duties, obligations, procedural matters and behavioural rules for owners, occupiers and visitors of a strata property.
  • All strata complexes have by-laws - some of which will be default by-laws (as seen in the Strata Titles Act), others may have been amended or added over time. 
  • By-laws differ from "house rules" as by-laws are enforceable.
  • If owners, occupiers or visitors do not comply with the strata company by-laws, they can be issued a breach notice or be taken to the State Administrative Tribunal (SAT)

By-laws are grouped into two sections:

  • Schedule 1: the governance of the strata scheme
  • Schedule 2: the rules of conduct within the scheme

Schedule 1 by-laws outline duties and procedures that are required of owners and the Strata Company

Schedule 2 by-laws are intended to ensure that residents within the complex can live harmoniously. Negative behaviors for example; excessive noise, littering or parking in ways that cause a nuisance to others - are all breaches of the by-laws.