Cheque payments using the DEFT system

Paying by cheque is simple. You must send the DEFT payment slip (lower part of your levy notice) in the envelope with your cheque. (No DEFT payment slip will mean the cheque will not be processed, and will be returned to you).

If you need to pay multiple levy notices, you can do this with one cheque. Just ensure that the cheque is made out for the amount equal to the sum of each DEFT payment slip. (Each payment slip must be included in the same envelope as the cheque). This will ensure each amount is allocated against the correct lot.

If you need to vary the amount paid against a particular lot, cross through the amount on the DEFT payment slip and clearly write the new figure you wish to pay. Ensure that your cheque reflects this amended amount.

Make your cheque payable to The Owners of SP (fill in your strata plan number) and mail to:

DEFT Payment Systems
Locked Bag 2501
Perth WA 6001